Turning Toward Each Other Instead of Away

As I think about the topic of love, some of my greatest lessons come from my grandparents. My grandparents have been married for 62 years and they are so happy. Some very important principles I learned from my grandparents are, actively using words of endearment and service. My grandparents always addressed each other by using the word dear. They constantly told each other I love you. They always had something positive to say about each other. For service, I remember my grandmother assisting to my grandfather needs after a long days work on the ranch. Even though today my grandmother is 82 years old and my grandfather is close to 90 they, still keep those same Christlike attributes.

In the book “THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES OF MAKING MARRIAGE WORK” Gottman Pg;. 83) teaches about love being a money bank. Gottman states, “Keeping an account in your head how much you’re connecting with your spouse  in little ways can benefit your marriage.” On Pg;. 84 Gottman further teaches the, importance of reuniting with your spouse at the end of the day to talk. Companionship inventory will lead to a successful marriage. Marriages require work. By communicating, couples will be able to effectively serve each other.

Gottman continues to teach about the importance of emotional support. A key aspect is, lending an ear and take a sincere interest in what your spouse is saying when they need someone to talk to. Also we are counseled to provide insights and ways to improve on what your spouse is explaining to you. Marriage is selfless. therefore, by putting the welfare of your spouse before your own, it will, bring happiness that words can not explain. If there is selfishness in a marriage it, is guaranteed to fail. I know families are ordained of God and His purpose is for us to return to him with our families.

May we always remember the importance of love and how it is essential in our families.

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