Cultivating Charity in Your Marriage

Growing up one of the biggest examples of charity I saw came from a  good friend and former boss of mine. Long ago early in  this friends marriage he, made the decision to follow the example of Jesus Christ especially in his family life. This friend spends all of his free time serving those around him and cultivating charity especially with his family members.  I remember at the end of the day this friend would greet his wife with a kiss and kind phrase such as, princess or dear. The wife of this friend has gotten severely sick on many occasions and my friend was always at her side to help and bless her according to her physical and spiritual needs. They have been married for almost forty years and they are so happy.

In the book “DRAWING HEAVEN Into Your MARRIAGE” Goddard teaches the importance of charity he states, “ Charity does not flaw automatically from having an extraordinary spouse. It is primarily the result of the way we choose to see each other.” on page 107 Goddard continues to teach, “charity can be the lens through which we see each other.” Charity is like exercising, it takes time to get results and requires a constant effort.

When marriages forget to apply the principle of charity it becomes weakened because the focus will be on the negative and not the positive.  Goddard Pg, 115, continues to teach, “When we see the weaknesses in our partner its easy to be annoyed” he further states, “We will continue to be annoyed by our spouses unless we are humbled enough by our own limitations to call on heavens grace.”

This friend is now a bishop in my mothers ward. This past weekend I had the blessing of visiting my families ward in Ogden Utah. I remember sitting in a gospel doctrine class. During the lesson the principle and charity and service was mentioned. My friends name was brought up as we talked about this subject. The instructor asked my friends wife how he was able to cultivate charity in his life. The wife mentioned it took a process then she got emotional and said, “When he made the decision to be happy that is when he truly started to serve and he always invites others to follow as well.” Many have been blessed because of my friend especially, his wife.

As we make it a priority to cultivate charity in our lives not only are we blessed personally but our families will be blessed as well.


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