Fidelity in Marriage

I once heard a quote from a friend that said, If they are missing something in their relationship they will go find it somewhere else. While serving in the last area of my mission in 2010, there was a family that used to be very strong in the gospel. Both parents were returned missionaries and were sealed in the temple. One day my missionary companion and I heard that these parents were getting a divorce. Eventually we came to find out that both parents were developing relationships with other people. The mother found another relationship through the internet online and the husband found himself another girlfriend. I remember hearing how its affected the kids. The mom was very prideful and the situation was a mess.
Now days we are warned of the danger that comes though excessive use of the internet. In the article “The state of the nation report: Fractured families ” we learn that, 68% of divorces happen meeting another love on line. 56% of divorces happen with obsessed interest in pornographic websites. 47% of divorces happen with the amount of time spent on the computer. 33% of divorces happen with chat rooms. If couples are not careful on the internet it can lead to addictive behaviors such as, pornography. With all of these dangers, it can create false expectations for our spouse and will destroy the relationship.
In the article “Fidelity in marriage: Its more than you think” We learn of experiences on how to catch ourselves when fidelity becomes a question. In this article, a certain women began to seek for advise from her friend in regards to her marital weaknesses. Eventually little by little she was spending more time with her friend rather than her husband. When someone said something she began to realize that she was being unfaithful. Eventually she took the steps necessary to make things right and she gained trust with her spouse once again.
Though infidelity is a very serious thing. We can overcome anything through the gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition to the first story I shared, there was some light at the end of the tunnel. I remember before coming home on my mission. She started coming back to church on a daily basis to repent. The other day as I was quickly reading my messages on Facebook I saw her son received his mission call. After three years of I visited my mission and saw the mother still coming to church which was exciting to see.
May we always remember to be true to our spouse. and only cleave unto them as it states in D&C 44:22, “Thou shalt love thy wife with all thy heart, and shalt cleave unto her and none else.”

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