The Power of Unity in Marriage

Marriage is central to the plan of our Heavenly Father. In order for marriage to be successful, couples are needing to work together in unity. Back in 2010 while serving my mission in Chile, I was associated with a family where the father and mother worked in unity and raised eight children. The Father would leave early in the morning for work, so he provide food and financial stability for his family. The wife took care of the kids and did the house chores. The father served in the bishop brick for 17 years and had to be to church early in the morning. The mother would prepare the eight kids, and they would make the 16 mile journey to church every Sunday on a small village bus. The mother also served in many leadership callings in the church. I remember the father getting injured and the mother fulfilling his work duties as well. Through many sacrifices, this family was very blessed. All eight kids served missions and the family is filled with love and unity.
In the article “Who Is The Boss? Power Relationships In Families” Miller teaches the importance of unity. He states, ” In the marriage companionship there is neither inferiority nor superiority. The women does not walk ahead of the man; neither does the man ahead of the women. They walk side by side as a son and daughter of God on an eternal journey.” Throughout my life I have heard the phrase, “I am the man of the house, she needs to listen to me.”
Sometimes in life, an individual may feel superior and feel entitled to take charge. When couples neglect the importance of working together, the relationship suffers. When couples are humble they can work together in a spirit of love and unity.
In the talk “That We May Be One” from president Eyring teaches, Satan knows Heavenly Fathers plan and he will tear us from our loved ones. He continues to instruct us, if we keep the commandments we will have the spirit of the Lord and that “the spirit of God never generates contention.” If we keep the commandments, we will invite the spirit and our families will be blessed.
May we always remember to be humble and treat our spouse as an equal partner.

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